Parts list

Typical Bill of Materials

The cost is about $8K, for a studio including lightboard, video equipment, and sound and lighting equipment. It's certainly possible to economize.

PPG Starphire architectural glass, $1500

10.0mm thick, 4x8 foot sheet, heat-tempered.

4x8 is full blackboard size. Your choice if you want to use a smaller size. This low-iron glass is the only material I have found which is transparent enough for light from the edge to reach the center of the board (passing through 2 feet of glass. See the FAQ)

Talk to your glass supplier about the necessity of obtaining glass that is not marred in the tempering process. This has been a commonly reported problem.

Steel frame, bolted, 4x8 or 4x6 foot, $750

Designed & shipped to you by; some assembly required.

See New Revolution Tools to order.

Aluminum frame of 80/20, $1188

As designed by David Long, FVCC.

As designed by Charles Barbour, Notre Dame

Hitlights 12v LUMA20 LED light strips - 10 feet - Cool White

12V, 3W/foot, 384 lumens/foot


Quantity 2 reels (or see below)

This requires 12V 4A for the whole reel (16 feet). Adequately bright.

---------- or see below ----------

Industrial Ultra Bright™ LED Strip Light - 16 feet - Bright White

12V, 9W/foot, 874 lumens/foot


Quantity 1 reel (or see above)

This requires 12V 6A for each 8 feet, and the strip must have heatsinking. Very bright.

2440mm, 80-20 Part 45-4545, 45mmx45mm extrusion


Quantity 2

(required for heatsinking, if you use the hotter LEDs)

Glass First Surface Mirror

Thickness: 6mm, Height: 4 inches, Width: 6 inches.

Use the surface that is protected by blue plastic, which you pull off. Be sure to mount it in such a way that it is not bent, even a little.

Skater Dolly Ball Head Photo Ball Head Tripod Grip

I used this to mount the camera to a shelf, rather than use a tripod.

Glass panel standoffs

These hold the low-iron glass to the frame. Your glass supplier should provide them. It's important that metal parts not contact the glass directly; only nylon parts touch the glass.

Eggcrate foam

Sound absorbing foam behind backdrop.